Saturday, 3 January 2009

Analog Africas Vodoun Effect launch party

Well withall the other buisness going on , forgot to rave about that killer night in Frankfurt back in early November.
It was the launch of Samy Ben Redjebs excellant new cd Vodoun Effect on Analog Africa,its a compilation of Poly Rythmo Orchestres more obscure sides released in small nos round the Cotonou area in the 70s. I've played many of the 45s on my radio show, as usual it's excellantly researched and compiled by Samy who some of you may have met on his visit to Norwich or listened to on my radio show.Go to the Analog Africa link to hear and read more.
The night was a packer at the Frankfurt Jazzkeller (the oldest jazz club in Europe) with Gunter Gretz of Popular African Music putting in the speaker and light system he originally used back in the 70's.
The club was packed to the gills reminding me of the old Jolly Butcher nights and I always have a great time doing sets inbetween Pedo ( Frankfurts finest ) and Samy with his Colombian and Peruvian psyched out cumbia beats,a night to remember, thanks Pedo , Samy and Mark and big hugs to Poli for running us around.

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